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How Hord Coplan Macht uses Definitive Healthcare intelligence to better understand clients

Welcome to Customer Corner! The Definitive Healthcare series that gives you a look into how companies use the platform to grow their business. In today’s episode, we are joined by Tracey Graham of Hord Coplan Macht (HCM). Graham shares how HCM applies healthcare commercial intelligence to find and target potential and legacy clients. HCM uses Definitive Healthcare to quickly access crucial executive, operational and technological data to gain a deeper understanding of their clients and best address their needs.

Key result

Increased targeting, elevated messaging and saved time.


Episode transcript

Hello, and welcome to an episode of “Customer Corner”, the Definitive Healthcare series that gives you a look into how companies are using the platform to grow their business. My name’s Emily De Oliveira and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Definitive Healthcare. And on today’s episode, I’m joined by Tracey Graham, Principal Healthcare Strategist at the design firm, Hord Coplan Macht. Welcome, Tracey.

Hi, thanks for having me.

We’re so excited to have you today, and I’m sure the audience is eager to know more about you and your company, so can you tell me a little bit about yourself to start us off?

Sure, I have a clinical and a business background, and I work for HCM. HCM is a design firm with a comprehensive in-house team that serves across sectors and specializes in healthcare, senior living, mixed house use, and education. My use across sectors is in several different folds. I really try to blend in clinical health and wellness, Lean Six Sigma, data and information as a strategic planner to engage our end users and customers in discovery and robust research. We do that so that we really understand as much about our clients as possible and to be able to facilitate discussion and look at future state visioning while pilling their futures based on true information.

Wow, I can imagine there’s so many factors that go into the strategy of designing a healthcare space. So, what were you looking to do with Definitive Healthcare?

So, I was really looking for a comprehensive database that would help us learn as much as, if not more, about our clients than they knew themselves. HCM takes a thoughtful customer-centric approach to all our designs. And we really begin with, really trying to understand our client’s goals. So for example, are they looking at increasing a type of space to accommodate volume? Are they looking at cost savings or streamlining operations? In healthcare, for example, are they looking at decreasing patient leakage? Or having patients choose somewhere else to go? And in order to design the perfect space, our architects and engineers really need to understand operations and the pinch points of our clients. And so, I looked at Definitive Healthcare as a way to really understand many factors about the client from a data and information perspective as possible. Looking at things like, trauma center levels, patient populations, fiscal and clinical outcomes, that kind of stuff.

Yeah, sounds like it’s really helpful in better understanding your clients. And so, I’m curious, what were you doing before Definitive Healthcare to get this information?

Spending a lot of time, doing information gathering whether it was online or even in hard research, looking at data from a dozen other sources, both county, statewide, national data banks and utilizing a lot of tools. And again, like I said, spending a lot of energy and a lot of time that could be better used directly with project use or with our clients.

And how did you hear about us, by the way?

So, I think, it was through a lot of the research that I had done, looking at different data banks and information, and spending a lot of time with customer service. I mean, when I was doing a doctoral project, they took the time to really explain to me what information I could use or not use, what would be really valuable for our staff. And then they also engaged other folks within our company in a dialogue to really, not only to help them understand what you could offer but also what I could dig deeper into bring to the table for them.

Oh, that’s great that you’ve had such a great experience with Definitive Healthcare. And so I’d love to learn more about how you’re using the platform today?

So, there’s several ways that I use the platform. One, it gives us deep insight into who’s at the helm of an organization. So our marketing and business development folks, as well as our key team members can understand potentially who is CEO is and how to contact them. We also use it to really understand operations. So having key information points like financials, understanding what technology platforms a client uses, understanding true firm graphics or information that’s really specific to them, is important. Definitive Health is a great dashboard that at a quick glance, we can really see where they’re performing well and where they’re not. And it gives us an opportunity in depth screens behind that to be able to dig deeper to see why. So for example, I can dig as deep into a clinical outcome right to who’s performing those types of procedures or clinical treatments.

Well, that’s great. It’s so interesting to hear how you’re using the platform, and I’m sure it’s so valuable to get that holistic picture of the accounts, but also be able to deep dive into those accounts. So I have one last question and that’s around the impact. So I’m curious what the impact has been for you and HCM using Definitive Healthcare?

I think it’s really impactful in us helping to understand clients before we even reach out, or helping our legacy clients understand themselves across their entire organization deeper than they might already know. The impact for me has all obviously been time and the ability to gain a lot of information with less time and less effort. And I know that if there’s something that I’m trying to look for specifically that I can’t find, I pick up the phone and I ask, and folks at Definitive Health usually help me dig deeper.

Oh, that is so wonderful. I’ve really loved hearing about how Hord Coplan Macht takes such a customer-centric approach. And I’m so glad to hear that Definitive Healthcare has really helped, support these efforts and saved you a lot of time and being able to find everything in one place. So, Tracey, I can’t thank you enough for joining us today.

Thanks so much for having me.

And I wanna thank everyone for tuning into “Customer Corner”. If you’d like to share your story on the show, you can reach out to us at And you can also visit our website to learn more about how other companies are using the platform to create commercial success. Thanks so much and have a great day.

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