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Supercharging hospital sales and marketing outreach

KleenEdge is passionate about mitigating healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) and reducing the work associated with privacy curtain exchanges in the healthcare setting. Using Definitive Healthcare’s solution, KleenEdge identified their target market segments and accessed high-quality executive contacts, which led to increased sales and marketing efficiency. As a result, they increased their number of qualified leads by 65% within months and expanded their sales outreach to keep pace.

Key result


increase in qualified leads within 6 months

The challenge

Selling a novel hospital solution with limited and inaccurate data

Privacy curtains are the sixth highest risk touchpoint in patient rooms and are frequently infected with bacteria and viruses after just two weeks. Yet they are the only item not disinfected on a daily basis and are often not part of quality protocols. In addition, with traditional privacy curtains taking up to 45 minutes to change, it demands extra time and hospital resources to maintain. KleenEdge has a solution. Their curtains take 3 seconds to exchange and have a protocol-compliant software that provides automated reminders for providers to stay in compliance with the Joint Commission.

Armed with a solution, KleenEdge needed to reach key healthcare executives to educate them on the importance of curtain exchange protocols and show them a quick and easy way to get it done. When the company first went to market, they purchased third-party contact lists to drive their marketing automation efforts, but they discovered the contacts were old and inaccurate. As a result, they could only reach a small fraction of these leads, and conversion was low. In addition, the lists did not provide a deep understanding needed to break through to the buyers in their target market.

Specifically, KleenEdge realized they had limited ability to:

  1. Find qualified leads: Without essential intelligence, the KleenEdge team would spend considerable time searching for key information on hospitals and networks. They needed to identify healthcare providers who would benefit from their product.
  2. Contact key decision makers: Without access to comprehensive and accurate data they couldn’t identify the right contacts, and as a result, didn’t have access to their total addressable market.
  3. Create opportunities through targeted marketing: Without a deeper understanding of the executives involved in the buying decision, their pain points, and the different types of healthcare systems, they couldn’t message effectively to their key contacts in ways that were meaningful to them.

The KleenEdge team was wasting valuable time on contact lists that weren’t providing accurate information, and they weren’t satisfied with the number and quality of the leads they were getting as a result. They knew they had to look for a better solution.

The solution

Supercharging sales and marketing with accurate data and in-depth insights

Knowing the impact their solution could have on healthcare quality, the team at KleenEdge first searched for an accurate and comprehensive source of healthcare executive data that would enable them to reach their target market quickly and efficiently. After an extensive search, the team chose Definitive Healthcare’s solution for the richness of hospital and health system data – going well beyond executive contact information.

Within the hospital database, the KleenEdge team now had easy access to accurate and comprehensive executive contact information, and they combined that data with deep market insights to propel their sales and marketing efforts. The KleenEdge team utilized detailed intelligence on health systems to help them understand their total addressable market. Using Definitive Healthcare’s solution specifically enabled the KleenEdge team to:

  1. Segment the market and target potential buyers. The team used Definitive Healthcare’s comprehensive data on hospitals and networks to identify key healthcare providers based on Medicare Quality Performance Measures such as those struggling with healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). They also leveraged executive contact and request for proposal (RFP) searches to identify opportunities and engage prospects by offering a solution that addresses their pain points.
  2. Identify high-quality decision-makers. The team accessed individual contact names, titles, direct dials, email addresses and LinkedIn profiles as well as critical intelligence that enabled them to create customized messaging targeted to each persona making buying decisions.
  3. Increase sales and marketing efficiency. With essential intelligence on key buyers, affiliations, group purchasing organizations, and regional purchasing coalitions, the KleenEdge team leveraged Definitive Healthcare to deeply understand their buyers prior to outreach, allowing them to prioritize their accounts and maximize each sales and marketing opportunity.

The impact

A 65% increase in qualified leads within 6 months

KleenEdge quickly saw a return on their investment with a dramatic increase in high-quality leads. As a result, KleenEdge expanded their sales outreach. They also experienced increased brand recognition and saw a significant increase in key contacts who follow them on LinkedIn, with numbers growing month-over-month.

KleenEdge now has access to their total addressable market using robust and reliable data. They have streamlined their sales and marketing operations saving time that was previously spent searching for intelligence and contact information. Now, with a deep understanding of their market and potential buyers prior to outreach, sales is able to engage healthcare executives in ways they care about. The KleenEdge team is excited with the interest generated in their solution and they’re looking forward to further engagement and what that will mean not only for their company, but for their mission to decrease transmission of serious HAIs.

We were initially looking for a data source for executive contact information. Definitive Healthcare delivered this plus so much more. Their comprehensive data and insights have taken our sales and marketing to a whole new level.
Karen Goelst Director at KleenEdge
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