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4 Data Driven Insights To Connect Your Oncology Treatments To Patients

Find patients for your oncology Tx

Do you have the market insights to connect your drugs, therapies, and medical devices to patients?
Not if your insights playbook doesn’t include accurate and current market insights.

June 16, 2021
Top Hospitals by Inpatient EHR Vendor

Top Inpatient EHR System Vendors

More than 93 percent of U.S. hospitals report using an inpatient EHR system, according to Definitive Healthcare data. The widespread adoption of EHRs has been credited to the CMS Meaningful Use initiative, which was launched in 2011. Meaningful Use...

June 15, 2021
Top 25 Rural Health Clinics by Total Visits

Top 25 rural health clinics by total visits

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), rural health clinics were established in 1977 as a method of providing healthcare access to Medicare patients in rural areas of the U.S. This includes access to physicians as well as...

June 15, 2021
Top IDNs by Average Daily Census

Top IDNs by average daily census

Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) offer both healthcare services and health insurance coverage to patients within a geographic area. Each IDN is unique in its function and offerings, but generally provide primary care, acute care, specialty care...

June 15, 2021
Most Common Healthcare CRMs by Total Installations

Most common healthcare CRMs by total installations

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are a type of software solution that allow businesses and other organizations to organize, manage, and build relationships with their clients. Healthcare providers can integrate these solutions within...

June 15, 2021
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