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The top healthcare staffing companies know that it can be challenging to help their clients find the right candidates for their open roles, no matter what the conditions of the market are. Even under the best conditions, the healthcare market is fiercely competitive.

Between sweeping cases of physician burnout, nationwide staffing shortages, and economic fluctuations, healthcare staffing firms have their work cut out for them. To navigate the challenges in this market, healthcare commercial intelligence is key.

Whether they’re looking for an organization that needs a role filled or they’re looking for the right candidate to fill that role, many staffing firms rely on Definitive Healthcare solutions to compete and succeed. Here are the top six most common data searches healthcare staffing firms use to overcome these challenges.

Physician candidates by specialty

Unsurprisingly, the most common data search among the healthcare staffing firms who use our solutions is a search for physician candidates by specialty.

Our PhysicianView product helps staffing companies search for viable candidates across the U.S. Searches can even be made at the granular level by filtering by any of the following criteria:

  • Primary specialty
  • Clinical activity level
  • NPI number
  • Region
  • Age range
  • Gender

When staffing companies target candidates by specialty, they can fill specific roles more quickly. For example, a healthcare staffing firm might be trying to fill a position for a cardiac surgeon in Massachusetts. By searching for physicians with a cardiac surgery specialty, staffing firms can narrow their pool of potential candidates.

PhysicianView makes the time you spend searching for candidates worthwhile by offering users access to in-depth physician profiles. These profiles provide a wealth of useful insights, including info on the number of procedures performed, where they practice, past and present affiliations, and plenty more.

Together, the powerful search function and comprehensive physician profiles help staffing companies locate ideal candidates and expedite the recruiting process.

Executives and decision-makers

If the physicians themselves are one-half of the hiring coin, then the leaders and executives with decision-making power are the other half.

Staffing companies may use our physician database to search for up-to-date contact information on practice owners, board members, department heads, and more. People in these positions are likely responsible for hiring decisions within their departments. Once a staffing firm has found a viable candidate, they can reach out to the specific leaders and endorse their candidates quicker and easier than a cold call.

Of course, contact information can also be used for reconnaissance. Whether it’s to start a conversation around the qualities they’re looking for in an ideal candidate or to dig deeper into the facility or organization the executive works for, these details are integral for any staffing firm looking to uncover more opportunities and close more business.

Hospital performance and market activity

Staffing firms looking to expand their client base can do so quickly and effortlessly with our HospitalView product. HospitalView offers comprehensive facility profiles on more than 9,000 organizations, with financial and clinical performance details, executive contacts, staffing metrics, and more.

One notable—and very useful—feature of HospitalView is the news and intelligence search. This search allows users to explore how facilities of all sizes are making moves in the healthcare market, including:

When integrated delivery networks (IDNs) merge or acquire new facilities, this might create new job opportunities. Health systems in this position might also need temporary staff like locum tenens providers. Staffing firms can use the news and intelligence search to identify these opportunities, then use executive contact information to reach out to the right decision-makers and get roles filled.

The ‘Technologies’ tab on a hospital profile can also offer useful insights. The technology install data found within the tab can help staffing firms determine if a hospital uses a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for their staffing needs. An MSP is a third-party company that remotely manages one or more of its customers’ systems. Insight into whether a facility has an MSP can help inform sales and recruiting strategies for placing candidates at the facility.

Requests for proposals

In HospitalView, staffing companies can access the request for proposal (RFP) search. RFPs fall into many different categories and types, including:

Hospitals that expand their facilities or update an electronic health record (EHR) system might need more staff. Temporary staff can provide them with extra support during a transition period. Staffing firms track RFPs like these to help address hospital pain points and anticipate staffing needs.

Using medical claims for physician credentialing

Medical and prescription claims data is important for nearly any business operating in the healthcare market. Staffing firms are no different.

Many staffing companies use our Atlas All-Payor Claims and Atlas Prescription Claims products to complete the physician credentialing process. Credentialing is a long and tedious process that must be completed before candidates are placed in a new role.

Credentialing helps to ensure that physicians can perform the procedures they have claims for and meet their new role's demands. To do this, staffing firms will verify a physician’s education, employment history, professional references, and, most importantly, their procedures. Using our medical claims database, staffing companies can search for all claims a specific physician billed for within a given year.

Ambulatory surgery centers

In recent years, shifting trends in healthcare consumerism have revealed that patients want more options in how and where they receive treatment. Patients want the ability to choose a care facility that best meets their immediate clinical needs while keeping costs and personal inconveniences (like prolonged hospital stays) to a minimum. As a result, outpatient facilities and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have grown in popularity—and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future.

As patient care preferences continue to shift toward outpatient settings and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), more of our healthcare staffing clients are using SurgeryCenterView.

This database offers users a broad range of information on ASCs, such as location, affiliations, technology installations, quality metrics, news, and more. These kinds of healthcare commercial intelligence help staffing companies identify recruitment opportunities within the outpatient space.

Contract labor spend at hospitals

Staffing shortages and physician burnout pressure hospitals to rely on contract labor and temporary healthcare staffing agencies to supplement their care teams.

As defined within the Medicare Cost Report, total contract labor is the amount of money a hospital pays for services furnished under contract, rather than from employees, for direct patient care. This includes intern and resident services, pharmacy and laboratory wage costs, and other direct patient care services such as nursing, diagnostic, therapeutics, and rehabilitative services.

Staffing companies can use HospitalView to understand a given hospital's budget for contract labor, which can help inform engagement strategy and guide the sales team through future conversations.

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Staffing and recruiting companies use our solutions to help their clients find the right candidates, expand their client base, and close more business. For more on the latest healthcare staffing trends, read our blog on the healthcare staffing summit or listen to episode six of the Definitively Speaking podcast, “Staffing during the Great Resignation.”

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