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Case Study-Generating revenue through market expansion

Generating revenue through market expansion

A medical device diagnostics division needed to expand their urgent care center market share. Using our data, they closed over 400 urgent care clinics within 4 months. Their contract with Definitive Healthcare generated a $7M return in the first year…

October 28, 2021
Case Study-Understanding the competitive landscape

Understanding the competitive landscape

A cardiovascular unit of a medical device company used our ClaimsMx product to identify >8,000 procedures performed by physicians using the competitor’s product, which was critical intel to effectively segment, target and position their solution.

October 27, 2021
Case Study-Driving marketing campaign success with a data-driven approach

Data-driven marketing campaigns

An orthopedic medical device company used our data to determine that their market opportunity was actually 30% higher than their previous estimate, and this drove a successful campaign with higher-than average sales conversion.

October 27, 2021
Case Study-Uncovering highly qualified sales leads

Uncovering highly qualified sales leads

The sales leadership at a clinical collaboration technology company needed greater visibility into their territories to develop an effective annual sales strategy. Using our market and account level intelligence, they were able to identify an…

October 26, 2021
Case Study-Elevating sales segmentation and messaging

Elevating sales segmentation and messaging

The cardiovascular division at a biopharma company used our data to improve the accuracy of their stroke risk estimate. They found most hospitals were above the national average, and many closer to 90%. This enabled a more targeted approach with…

October 26, 2021