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The medical device market is competitive. Hospitals and physicians need to understand why your device is important and different. Engage your prospects more effectively by understanding hospital networks, identifying financial resources, assessing quality scores, and uncovering referral and prescription patterns.

Access meaningful and relevant provider data and insights today to build great territory and account plans and to accelerate your go-to-market strategies with a customized and informed approach to each prospective client interaction.
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Increase your strategic value to your hospital & physician targets
Identify providers that show purchasing intent

Identify providers that show purchasing intent

Access claims data, quality measures, purchasing history, and financial metrics.
Conduct provider & patient analyses

Conduct provider & patient analyses

Explore unique patient counts/journeys, readmission rates, population health trends, and prescribing patterns.
Contact key decision-makers

Contact key decision-makers

Reach them with complete names and titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and Linkedln profiles.
Track affiliations & partnerships

Track affiliations & partnerships

Access hospital & physician referrals, network hierarchies, diagnosis & procedure histories, and patient leakage insights.
Track referral patterns & networks

Track referral patterns & networks

Explore hospital & physician referrals, network hierarchies, diagnosis & procedure histories, and patient leakage insights.
Monitor industry trends

When we’re looking at the procedures that are taking place and planning our product development, the goal is to understand what the growth opportunities are moving forward. Definitive data allows us to capture what our customers’ needs are moving forward.

Rachelle Ferrara
Senior Director, GM
Brasseler Surgical
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As our clients talk with us about their needs, we have to know in advance where they are financially, where they are in terms of the big strategic decisions, what their big goals and aspirations are, and who’s running the place, so we can advance the conversation and really help them. That’s what Definitive Healthcare does for me.

Dave Edwards
VP of Strategic Corporate Accounts
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Place of service profiling

Use dashboards and analytics across data families to get a summary of every facility’s KPIs, including readmissions, diagnosis and procedure volumes, and physician alignments,among other key metrics. Learn More: Hospitals & IDNs
Service profiling

Referrals pattern

Analyze referrals data to track patient journeys in your disease area. Target physicians and hospital networks with propensity to purchase your medical device.
Referrals pattern

Assess procedure & diagnosis volume

Review claims intelligence by disease category and prescription volumes to target specific accounts and forecast sales growth.
Procedure & diagnosis volume

Quality metrics & analytics

Examine readmission rates and other quality metrics at the facility and provider levels to engage in more meaningful conversations about your device impact and ROI.
Quality metrics & analytics

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